Is Markley Street being widened under this project?

A center turn lane will be created within the existing roadway’s footprint on Markley Street/U.S. 202 South between Elm Street and Johnson Highway. Minor widening will be required for recessed parking bays at selected locations in residential areas, and some minor widening will be required for improvements between Main and Elm streets under the Section 510 phase of the project. Minor widening also will take place at the intersections of Markley and Main streets and at Markley Street/Swede Road and Johnson Highway.

Why is the work on Markley Street going to take three years to complete?

Markley Street improvements are being completed in a number of construction stages that are designed to minimize traffic and parking disruptions to residents and businesses by limiting work to several blocks at a time.

Will the improvement of Markley Street include replacement of the utilities under the street?

Utility work will be performed during each stage of construction to improve Markley Street. A sanitary sewer will be replaced in its entirety. Water and gas mains will be replaced in some areas. New lateral pipes will be installed by the contractor to connect all of the utilities (sewer, water, gas) to each property with service regardless of whether new mains are installed.

Will property owners be charged for these new utility connections?

Property owners will not be charged for any of the utility connections that are required as part of this improvement project.

What work is being done to the bridge on Main Street just west of Markley Street?

Much of the work on this borough-owned historic bridge, which is considered “structurally deficient”, is being done to the arch support under Main Street, where a liner is being inserted to the underside to provide additional structural support to the bridge. A collapsed parapet on the north side of the bridge also will be repaired.

Why were trees removed from along Markley Street?

Trees that are situated within the right-of-way along Markley Street are being removed so utility poles may be relocated to the outside edges of the right-of-way to make room for construction of recessed parking areas and installation of street lights and other street-scape items.

Will trees be replaced and when?

New trees will be planted along Markley Street/U.S. 202 South as part of the improvement project. Generally, new trees are planted in the later stages of construction.

What is the purpose of the parking area that is being built at the corner of Harding Boulevard and Markley Street?

This small parking area is being installed to provide additional parking space for nearby residents along Markley Street who may lose on-street parking.

Why are curb ramps being installed on sidewalks at intersections?

PennDOT is installing new curb ramps to make the sidewalks more accessible to those with disabilities as required under the Federal Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires that ramps be installed where street or sidewalk improvements are being made.

Are other improvements are being made along the corridor to accommodate the pedestrians?

In addition to curb ramps at every corner, signalized intersections along Markley Street will be fitted with new traffic signal systems that include pedestrian push buttons, pedestrian countdown signals and clearly painted crosswalks. PennDOT is also installing new pedestrian street lights along Markley Street.